Hussaini society of victoria pty ltd

Hussaini Centre, Hussaini Islamic Centre, Husaini Center, Hussaini islami Center, husaini Islamic Centre

                              About us

Hussaini Society of Victoria pty ltd. is a registered PTY LTD under the associations incorporation Act 1981. It was registered on 22th Nov, 2012.

Its main aim is to promote and practice the Islamic values and code of conduct among the community in Melbourne. The Hussaini Society of Victoria is currently in its building phase, therefore, it doesn't have any physical address or location.



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The following are some of the main objectives of the Hussaini Society of Victoria;

  • To organize and promote Islamic educational instruction for children or adults.
  • To establish and assist with the formation and support of schools or other institutions to provide education.
  • To educate the Islamic community of its rights and responsibilities.
  • To assist the Islamic community in the resolution of its social, economic, cultural, educational, health and religious needs.
  • To hold conferences, seminars, meetings and discussions, religious and social functions.
  • To create and promote the spirit of unity and solidarity among the members of the community and assist to settle their disputes.
  • To associate and co-operate as appropriate with other social groups.
  • To provide financial assistance and voluntary services on humanitarian grounds to needy people within and without Australia, irrespective of country of origin, skin color, race or faith.
  • To amalgamate or affiliate with any other charitable organization, whether incorporated or not, in order to facilitate the achievement of its objects.
  • To actively to promote the principle of multiculturalism (working towards acceptance of all cultures by all cultures, in a peaceful Australian society).
  • To provide Islamic marriage and divorce solemnizing services for members and others in the community.
  • To provide Islamic funeral services for the estates of members and others in need of this services.
  • To Organize sports events for the young and adults in the community.
  • To organize the different forms of entertainments for the young kids.