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Donation Details

"If you want to pray to Allah for better means of subsistence, then first give something in charity", saying of Imam Ali A.S.


How can I donate ? 


Option 1 : Money transfer to following Bank Account

 BSB No : 063608

Account No : 10564077

Acc Holder: Hussaini Islamic Centre Inc

Bank Name : Commonwealth Bank

OR BSB No : 013289

Account No : 282405275

Acc Holder : Hussaini society of victoria pty ltd

Bank Name : ANZ Bank

NOTE: Please put any of following subject into Desciption during donation transfer. 

1.     General Donations

2.     Sadqa

3.     Zakat of Fitra Fund

4.     Muharram Fund

5.     Ramazan Fund

6.     Nazar/Niyaz/Tabarruk Fund

7.     Donations for New Building

8.     Donations for existing Building maintenance


Option 2 : You can contact following person(s) for cash donation.

Shujaat Ali : 0422234159  

Sohail Ansari : 0412876461 


Option 3 : Cheque Payable to

Name :   Hussaini Islamic Centre Inc OR Hussaini Society of Victoria pty ltd
Post to :  10 Jesson Crescent Dandenong 3175


Option 4 : Using your Credit/Debit Card securely from anywhere in the World 

You can now make donations to Hussaini Centre using your Credit/Debit Card securely from anywhere in the World (will be active within 30 days InshAllah)

Disclaimer: "PayPal transactions are carried outside of Hussaini Centre domain and we do not store your personal information. nominal Paypal charges may apply click here to view full paypal fee policy               



 Hussaini Islamic Centre ABN No : 57536419654