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Funreal (Ghusul-o-Kafan) 

For enquirers regarding Funeral the contact person from Hosaini Center is Mr. Javaid, Cell:0433570908. Mr Javaid can help specially during Ghusul of dead body. can be used as a second reference.


Lecture (Training) 

Method of Ghusl of Mayyit (Video) 

Method of Ghusl of Mayyit (Text) 


NOTE: Right now, we DO NOT have any pre-purchased area in any graveyard/cemetery. but we are keen to work on this project. Please contact us if you are interested to help us in this matter. 

Majalis CDs 

To get CDs of Majalis and other Ismalic materials, please contact Sohail Ansari : 0412876461 OR Maulana Ghulam Ali.


Learning Quran and 4 languages on Skype

In 20$ per month, you or your children can learn Quran, Arabic, Persian and other Islamic materials through Skype. Skype id will be posted soon. skype ids are 


muhammad.hussain376   (Timing : From PST 4:30AM-7:15AM and 9:00PM - 12:00PM)

Following are the main levels of Learning Quran : 


1. Nazra   

2. Tajveed

3. Tarteel wa Tajveed

4. Sout o Lehn

5. Aazan wa TAwahsheh

6. Duaen